Comprehensive and forward-thinking.
We plan wisely, so you can live fully.

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You can't put a $ value on everything we do.
We add value in many unquantifiable ways.

Understanding your financial landscape in absolute detail allows us to declutter your financial world and open up opportunities best suited to you. Getting to know you and forging solid working relationships with your trusted advisers  (accountants, lawyers etc) so that we can align our services to your desired outcomes across the board is our highest priority. And it's the part of our work we enjoy most.


We work towards long term partnerships with our clients. Our aim is to become a trusted partner that you can turn to for guidance and help on an ongoing basis. It's a premium, on call service.

Our job is to alleviate your fears and take the burden out of managing your money. That means providing a sound, tax effective financial infrastructure, full administrative support and safe proven investment options. It also means planning to fulfil your goals - whether that be in business, property, travel, providing for family, education, philanthropy, creativity or the pursuit of adventure.


Whilst we believe in growing your funds, we understand that true wealth management should be measured against your satisfaction with life not just the figure at the bottom of your balance sheet.


We can put a $ figure on some things we do.

We do add quantifiable value for our clients

Now we are talking dollars and cents. How much better off could you be by allowing us to manage your wealth for you? 


We can’t guarantee you will be financially better off using S&W Wealth, but research by Vanguard Inc*. and Russell Investments** estimate financial advisers add about 3 - 4.4%pa. to net returns.

To put things in perspective, using Vanguard’s figure of 3.0%  per annum, if you started with $1 million to invest today, you could be 34% or $343,000 better off after 10 years. Stretch that out to 20 years and the  the figure increases to 80% or $800,000 better off.

Breaking it Down : The Value of Advice


The following tables indicate where Vanguard and Russell Investments research has found that the average financial planner adds value to their clients over direct retail investing. Based on their findings, the net financial benefit of using a good financial planner versus doing it yourself can be as much as 4.4% per annum. This value add compares to our fees of approximately 0.88% pa charged on funds invested by us on behalf of our clients.