By design, we only work with a relatively small number of clients so we can devote a significant amount of time and attention to our relationship with you. Maintaining an in-depth knowledge of you, your business, your family, your values and your financial landscape is a big part of our service. It allows us to be highly responsive and effective for you when you most need it.
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Fees and charges​

  • We don’t charge for our initial meeting. We like to know your needs before determining the appropriate fees. 

  • We believe in charging for the services we provide and so charge separately for Strategic Advice and Investment Management.  Where applicable, we may also receive Mortgage and Insurance Commissions.  All fees will be explained to you before you are required to pay anything.

  • For initial and ongoing Strategic Advice, your fee is based on the level of complexity of the services you need. We operate a 3 tier system. At the lower end of complexity our clients can expect to pay between $8,800 and $11,000 in the first year and up to $5,500 per annum for ongoing service*.  In the middle tier clients can expect to pay between $13,200 and $17,600 in the first year and up to $8,800 per year for ongoing service*.  At the high of complexity, clients can expect to pay upwards of $22,000 in the first year and $11,000 per year thereafter for ongoing advice*.

  • Where we manage investments, we charge a lower than industry average fee of 0.88%* of funds under management.

  • Our total fee (Strategic Advice and Investment Management) for any one client is capped at $55,000 per year* regardless of the sum of funds under management.  This represents exceptional value by industry standards for many of our high-net wealth clients who have substantial funds to invest.

  • Our fees are renegotiated annually based on your needs and can be cancelled at any time.

  • You may also need to pay fees for external services that we recommend, for example estate planning and accounting advice.  We will discuss any fees with you before we commence any work.

  • For more information on our services and our fees, please contact us or click on the link below to our Financial Services Guide (FSG).

    * All fees stated are valid as at January 2021.
    * All stated fees are not inclusive of GST.
    * All stated fees are subject to an inflation adjusted increase each year.